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Affiliate Marketing 101 – How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Affiliate Links

So many affiliates, myself included, have made these same mistakes time and time again. Are you driving targeted traffic to your affiliate links? If not, you should read this article!

Purchasing a Domain Name – 4 Steps to Build Your Affiliate Campaign by Purchasing a Domain Name

Purchasing a domain name of your own is a vital step to strengthening your affiliate campaign. What do we need to have in a domain name, and how do we find a good one? Let me show you how.

Online Keyword Research – A Quick Affiliate Tutorial in Effective Online Keyword Research

Online keyword research is vital to the success of your affiliate campaigns. Keywords are the “language” of your niche- the words people use when talking about the subject, and which they will use when searching for information on your niche. Here’s a dead easy affiliate tutorial to help you do this right the first time.

Internet Marketing Habits – 3 Top Strategies to Use Affiliate Marketing For Higher Online Profits

In this day and age almost every company has resorted to using affiliate programs to market their products. Affiliate marketing is a marketing utility that rewards affiliates for every customer they bring over due to their marketing efforts. Four major players are involved in this industry: the retailer, the network, the affiliate and the customer.

Roll Call – What Are Your Favorite Affiliate Programs?

If you are a struggling affiliate marketer or are contemplating entering the field, there is one thing you should be thinking hard about. You need to decide first what is your favorite affiliate program.

To Make a Fast Profit You Need a Good Affiliate Marketing Resource

In the past decade, web based businesses have made a comeback, and things are looking better every day. Many technological advances along with innovative business ideas have contributed to this comeback. One industry that has seen a lot of transformation is internet marketing.

Making an Income on the Internet With Affiliate Marketing

Many people, if they had a choice, would not like to leave their fate in other people’s hands. They’d love to take the reins themselves and steer their lives down the paths that they want to go. They want to be in control. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way it is for many who work day in and day out for companies and businesses that are not theirs. Working for someone else leaves you as a contributor to ‘their’ success, and not so much to your own.

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