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Affiliate Marketing Or Reselling – Is There a Difference?

Is there any difference between affiliate marketing and reselling? Read this article now and you will understand the difference.

Using Tracking URLs Makes Sense When Tracking Affiliate Marketing Profits

Why does it make sense to make use of tracking URLs when you are tracking affiliate marketing profits? You will know the answer when you read this article.

Can You Have an Affiliate Business and Not Speak English?

Can you have an affiliate business and not speak English? You will know the answer when you read this article.

Ways to Build Your Affiliate Revenue

Would you like to know the ways to build your affiliate revenue? When you read this article, you will know the 2 effective methods to do just that.

Affiliate Marketing Networks – SEO and Social Media

The world of e-commerce is growing increasingly complex with affiliate marketing networks, search engine optimization (SEO) methods and social media tools becoming increasingly important. Integrating SEO and social media efforts to develop affiliate marketing networks is an effective way of increasing brand recognition and improving overall sales of goods and services.

Selecting an Affiliate Program Directory For Your Products and Services

More and more internet marketers are discovering what many have known for some time: the best way to duplicate your efforts is to place your products and services in an affiliate program directory. So what is an affiliate program directory? In simple terms it is a database of merchant products and services available for affiliates, or associates, to market on their websites. Each sale generated by an associate website earns a commission for that associate.

Effective Affiliate Program Management Requires Attention to Detail

Affiliate program management is essential to maximizing marketing resources and developing a successful campaign. And yet, many marketers have no idea how to develop an effective affiliate program management system.

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